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Daisy SUN173 GOL

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€280,00 €168,00
EAN 2082956973247

Descrizione modello

“Daisy” is the sister to Poppy but a round shape. Continuing the theme of names inspired by flowers, “Daisy”comes from the Old English word meaning “day’s eye”. Cute right? Such an innocent way of looking at the world - synonymous with the Sunday Somewhere state of mind to “approach every day like it’s a Sunday”. The sunglasses continue this new direction being a classically feminine all-over metal shape. It’s so lightweight and features a unique double bar on the front view hinting to a cat-eye. Flattering on the face this is the perfect new accessory for the ladies.
  • Materiale montatura metallo
  • Forma montaturaCat eye
  • Materiale lentiCR-39
54 mm
17 mm
145 mm
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